Classic Luxury Brand Evolves Through Enhancing Servicescapes

Volkswagen is a luxury automotive brand that have continuously innovates their technology while focusing on providing their customers with superior experience since the lovable, classic Beetle days.

Classic Beetle vs New Beetle

Classic Beetle vs New Beetle

In Malaysia, Volkswagen officially opened its door in 2007, with FA Wagen Sdn Bhd (FAW) as one of the authorised dealer. Volkswagen made the second waves of re-entering the competitive market since its last entry back in 1950s. The classic Beetle, the iconic model made its way back with an enhanced version alongside with more luxury models that strive to serve the needs of customers.      

FAW Volkswagen showroom

As a showroom that opens door to customers 7 days a week, FA Wagen values highly in delivering excellent customer experience by providing a 360 premium servicescape that matches the luxury brand, from the moment customers walk in through the main door up until their after sales service, they can instantly associate with the brand.

On top of that, customer experience is further enhanced by creating a pleasantly scented environment in the showroom to improve overall ambience and level up servicescape experience. Pleasant smells have long been a hallmark of the retail sectors, and study shows that 74% of people have been drawn into a shop or store by an inviting smell. The effect of scent on engagement gets deeper as dwell time continues, and that leads to increase of purchase intent by 80%.

“With high customer footfalls in our showroom daily, we see the importance of enhancing servicescape to engage customers better through the human senses. Apart from scented environment, FAW also takes hygiene matters seriously by partnering with Initial Hygiene, the market leader and hygiene experts to provide us with the right amenities in our washroom and showroom for our customers. We take pride in our priority on raising hygiene standards for our customers and make them feel at ease when using our facilities during their visits,” says Mr Rajadurai, Head of Customer Care, FA Wagen Sdn Bhd.

Customer experience in Volkswagen showroom

Customer experience in Volkswagen showroom

Initial Hygiene understands that scented environment and good hygiene facilities are vital to create a pleasant showroom experience for FAW. From a pleasantly scented showroom to clean and hygienic washroom, these will evoke customers’ positive feelings during their visits, and further enhanced FAW brand image in customers’ mind especially when it comes to choosing which car to buy.

Purchasing a car is far more than a simple decision. An excellent multisensory experience plays an important role in improving customer decision making process. Over the years, through partnership with Initial Hygiene, the brand has seen through many generations with customers’ return purchase when it comes to replacing their current model. In addition, customers who had good experience during their visits had spread the word among friends and family members. All these good customer experiences helped to boost the business revenue for FAW.

Partnering with FAW, Rentokil Initial, a trusted pest control and hygiene solutions provider continues to innovate hygiene solutions and pest control management in meeting customer’s business needs and challenges.

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