Why Scent Marketing is Becoming More Prominent in the Commercial Sectors

A research carried out by an independent market research agency, ICM found that over half of consumers love their favourite stores due to its ambience – placing multi-sensory cues such as design, scent, lighting and music above good service from friendly staff. 

For businesses in the retail, the research also showed a specially high demand for aroma marketing as 74% of their customers have been impulsively drawn into a store by the enhanced aesthetic environment. Shoppers are also known to browse longer in fragranced retail areas, increasing the possibility of purchase. Meanwhile, a considerable 90% of consumers would either walk out of a store or speed up their browsing if they didn’t like the smell inside. 


A similar research was done in a hotel environment and the results showed that 77% of the guests said a pleasant smell in a hotel would create a positive impact on them through the combination of service, décor and fragrance. This multi-sensory brand experience provides guests with a lasting impression of their stay and that also helps in establishing a positive brand image for the business. On the other hand, 43% said they would regret or reconsider checking into a hotel if they noticed an overpowering or foul odour. 

The research also found that 73% of our memory or feelings can be triggered by our sense of smell. And this finding is important for business to create a positive impact in creating a connection between a brand and consumer. 

One of the master perfumers for Initial’s Premium Scenting said that, “Our sense of smell is as important as our vision in informing us about our surroundings. We use it to make crucial judgements about a space, its people, and merchandise even if we don’t always realise we’re doing so.” 

He further added that scent has a unique ability to holistically tie all other design elements together in a discreet or memorable way. Scenting can further improve visitor’s experience in the environment and increase customer loyalty by creating the right impact from the moment they walk into the hotel or store. It is therefore not surprising that scentscaping is increasingly being used in the consumer service industries to enhance the customer's’ feelings of trust and relaxation. 

From encouraging buying behaviour to odour remediation, companies can rely on scent to achieve various marketing and business objectives. At Initial Hygiene Malaysia, we have a team of scent specialist with the expertise to help businesses find the most relevant scent that adds a sensory experience to traditional audio and visual advertising. 

Premium Scenting is flexible and can be used to scent spaces of any size, from the air management system for centralised scenting. The diffusion of micro-droplets is also controlled, providing constant uniformed coverage to the entire area. For more information on our scent marketing solutions, do visit our Premium Scenting page or you may also contact us at 1300 882 388 now to find out how scenting can help make a real difference to your business.

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