Scent Marketing to Increase Business Awareness

Scent marketing has been growing rapidly in recent years with more and more renowned retailers and hotels adapting to this new concept. It is undeniable that scent is able to leave a lasting impression in a person’s memory. Studies have shown that smell is one of the strongest and most powerful senses that trigger our emotional memory. In fact, our olfactory system is the first sense to develop and it is fully functional even before a baby is born.


In the United States, scent marketing has elevated to a whole new level by the introduction of scented billboard advertisement. According to The Huffington Post, a grocery chain promoted its new line of steaks by setting up a billboard that emits enticing black pepper and charcoal aroma to draw shoppers’ attention. In order to do so, a high-powered fan is placed at the bottom of their billboard to blow air over cartridges that are loaded with distinctive fragrance oil.

A cat litter warehouse followed suit and is also leveraging on sensory branding by infusing catnip fragrances into their direct mailers. As cats are naturally attracted to catnip’s minty smell, their reaction towards the postcard will ultimately stimulate owner’s curiosity to find out more about the company.

Scenting solutions have slowly progressed into an important role to create business awareness and generate sales. This is because scent can highly influence a consumer’s buying behaviour and at the same time, create brand loyalty if it is executed correctly. Speak to our scentarian now to find out how scenting can help makes a real difference to your business.

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News and Images Source: The American Genius, The Huffington Post

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