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Pure Air Ozonizer

Reduce the risk of cross-contamination from airborne bacteria and eliminate unpleasant smells with ozone. Recommended to use in washrooms, smoking rooms, garages, workshops, changing areas or any area with bad odours.

We also provide hassle-free servicing to keep your ozonizer in the best working order.

Work Smarter, Choose Easy Servicing

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing we maintain your ozonizer hassle-free so you can focus on your work.

  • Installation and servicing by qualified Initial Service Technicians
  • Maintenance and delivery schedule tailored to suit your exact needs
  • Servicing includes filter cleaning and/or replacement
  • Repair and/or replacement of filter is free within lifetime of contract with Initial
  • myInitial, our user friendly online reporting system grants you access to information, such as contract details and service reports at your fingertips